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Mobile banking development project on wall with all of the components mentioned

Mobile applications have become an unexpected success, offering unmatched convenience and transforming the way we bank. While users enjoy seamless experiences, app creators face complex challenges. This guide explores mobile banking app development, covering development steps, costs, requirements, and security. 

Anna Sorbet
mobile banking app development cost

How much does it cost to create a mobile banking application? What should you particularly keep in mind when managing a budget for mobile banking app development? How can you optimize the costs of building a mobile banking application while maintaining the best quality of the app? The answer can be found below.

Anna Sorbet
Comparison of Native and Cross Platform for mobile banking app

Banks often ask us whether we use cross-platforms for banking applications. The answer is no, and we will explain you why. To make our point, we will discuss the main development approaches.

Agnieszka Torój
the best no-code platform for banking

According to Forrester’s research, low-code development platforms demonstrate a significant speed advantage, being 10 times faster compared to conventional platforms. There is no doubt that low-code/no-code solutions in banking are the future. But how to choose the best solution among the multitude of available options?

Anna Sorbet
No-code in Mobile banking app development

Extentum, our no-code platform, is the easiest and fastest way to build new functionalities in EXISTING digital banking apps within hours by business people (non-programmers), and can be applied in many cases and situations. 

Anna Sorbet

Individual customers of Bank BGŻ Paribas have received a brand new and modern mobile banking. The application features swift and easy access to accounts, deposits, loans and records of expenses. The development and maintenance of the application have been entrusted to FINANTEQ.

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