No-code platform for extending digital banking [Product Overview]

Classic software development is a challenge for many companies. Shortage of programmers, high costs, and time-consuming to create a perfect solution are just some of them. In the current business ecosystem, banking applications whose development began months earlier may no longer be relevant today.

Agnieszka Torój

App code obfuscation – a beginner’s guide

As the economy and banking system become more digitised, mobile app-based cybercrime is growing too. What should every bank consider to protect its application from the risk of intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage?

Anna Sorbet
eDO App

eDO App – a new method of authorization for your business

Click here for the Polish version.

E-ID has become a permanent fixture in many areas of our lives, and the possibilities for its use continue to expand.
By having a so-called electronic layer, the e-card opens up new opportunities for both the citizen and the business.

Anna Sorbet
Digital banking in Poland

What is it about Poland that is so conducive to digital banking?

Poland is a great place for the global finance industry to conduct model developments, especially when it comes to banking. Why is so? What were the beginnings and what are some of the key opportunities and challenges facing Polish banks today?

We talk to Andrzej Sierpiński, managing director at FINANTEQ, to find out. 

Anna Sorbet

Top 5 banking trends to follow in 2022

The last two years have been a decisive moment for banks. The global pandemic had a significant impact on the acceleration of digital transformation.

Agnieszka Torój
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