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What are users demanding from mobile apps – banking app features

We live in a digital world, and the pace of digital technology development is increasing every year. We are a mobile society that wants to do its daily business on the go. Mobile devices and applications rule our lives. We love apps, and we use them a lot!

But what do we demand from mobile apps?

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Woman using mobile banking app with dark mode

Dark mode in mobile banking app? Now in GOmobile

BNP Paribas Bank Polska mobile application is a multi-featured banking application that amazes the bank’s customers. This is confirmed by reviews on Google Play and AppStore from users who use the app.

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Mobile banking app with security system

How can banks increase mobile banking security?

There is bad news. Hackers shifted part of their focus to the creation of mobile threats. That’s why all organizations should put more emphasis on security. Particularly when it comes to mobile banking security. But we have good news. We know exactly how to secure your mobile app against cyberattacks! And how to avoid situations like those mentioned below.

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Public transport in banking app

Why value-added services in digital banking are worth implementing? 3 main reasons

Nowadays, people download more and more mobile applications to fulfill all their needs. Apps are supposed to make life easier and help us to deal with everyday needs. One to order a taxi, another to buy bus tickets, yet another to order food, you name it. In theory, it works great. In practice, the growing number of applications is becoming overwhelming.

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App development with no-code knowledge on laptopn

No-code platform for extending digital banking [Product Overview]

Classic software development is a challenge for many companies. Shortage of programmers, high costs, and time-consuming to create a perfect solution are just some of them. In the current business ecosystem, banking applications whose development began months earlier may no longer be relevant today.

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App code obfuscation – a beginner’s guide

As the economy and banking system become more digitised, mobile app-based cybercrime is growing too. What should every bank consider to protect its application from the risk of intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage?

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