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Internet of things is the new normal. FINANTEQ SmartWatch Starter Kit is the fastest way for your bank to jump on the bandwagon of Smartwatch Banking.

Banking that fits the wrist

  • Banking app on smartwatch: available funds screen
  • Banking app on smartwatch: available funds precentage screen
  • Banking app on smartwatch: available funds with last transaction screen
  • Banking app on smartwatch: available funds precentage screen
  • Banking app on smartwatch: available funds precentage screen and last transaction amount

Core features Smartwatch Starter Kit features include: a percentage and precise amount indicator, 3 presets for the percentage mode (line, circle and arc indicators) and an additional information feature (e.g. last transaction type).

Balance Indicator

both for accounts and cards

Push Notifications

displayed as a list or details view

Map & Geolocation

route to the nearest branch or ATM

Currency Rates

observe favourite ones

Recent transactions

displays up to 5 transactions

NBK banking app on smartwatch

National Bank of Kuwait

National Bank of Kuwait, the leading bank in the Middle East, offers a comprehensive mobile banking app. However, the bank discovered that its customers would enjoy smartwatch solution too. NBK first choice was FINANTEQ Smartwatch Starter Kit.


High rating on Google Play
and App Store



Watches are the future smartphones.

Smartwatch Starter Kit benefits

  • 90% faster deployment & lower costs

    The implementation of our white-label solution takes significantly less time than standard smartwatch app development.

  • Faster branding (white-label product)

    Adjust the application style to your company branding and replace graphic assets with your own.

  • Custom development potential (if needed)

    Finanteq Smartwatch Starter Kit is open to custom changes and modifications.

  • Update to the standalone smartwatch version (at client's request)

    Standalone smartwatches are able to function independently of a smartphone. This independence has been made possible thanks to the built-in cellular and LTE technology, which allows the watch to function the same way a smartphone does.

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