Google Pay and Apple Pay Provisioning and Verification

Our component makes it easier for a bank to implement Google Pay or Apple Pay quickly and without unnecessary risks or delays. Thanks to our SDK and know-how, the bank will be able to implement Provisioning and Verification processes into its mobile banking application and fulfill an agreement with Google or Apple.


Main functionalities:

Apple Pay In-App Provisioning

Apple Pay In-App Verification

Google Pay Push Provisioning

Google Pay App-to-app Verfication


Main benefits for bank:

  • Time saved on development

    Our component shortens the implementation time of Provisioning and Verification in the mobile banking applications twice, compared to a situation where the bank builds the solution in-house.

  • Time saved on collecting know-how

    We give the bank a knowledge about the correct implementation of processes in their applications to make the deployment as quick as possible. We deliver a ready to deploy SDK, but also provide the bank with invaluable Know-how Documentation which accelerates the implementation by a few months

  • The highest standards

    Our solution is 100% compliant with Apple and Google requirements concerning Provisioning and Verification. We provide the knowledge about effective implementation of these processes in applications, which makes it possible to pass the tests carried out by Apple and Google before such solutions are made available on the production environment.

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Quick integration with any mobile banking application

  • Our SDK can be easily imbedded into any existing app (made by us or any other IT provider)

  • We provide detailed technical documentation for developers.

  • Component is ready to blend into any mobile banking design.

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