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Corporate mobile banking tailored to your customer

Every corporation is as unique as a fingerprint

The insurance company differs from the oil company. The car manufacturer has different needs than government administration. Every industry has unique requirements. This is why we customize every corporate mobile banking solution in accordance to our clients’ needs.

They have trusted us:

Our solution is developed continuously since 2007. Through the years, our application core has been tested in different projects and with different clients. Today it can be used to build stable, secure and reliable solutions for corporate clients.

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Your corporate clients expect the best digital service possible


Wide selection of security mechanisms

We offer one of the widest ranges of security mechanisms on the market. This includes application shielding, antivirus, certification mechanisms, token, HTTPS encryption and an additional original encryption mechanism as well as obfuscation. More information here


Transfer of innovative ideas from retail banking

Our mobile applications for retail banking are well known for their innovation. They won many awards in prestigious contests (e.g. Finovate New York or Citi Mobile Challenge) We inspire our corporate clients with the same approach we use in our retail banking.


What is next in corporate banking?

Our FINANTEQ Insights department will provide you with market research and actionable insights that will help you make the right decisions on how to make your mobile banking solution for corporate clients innovative and up to date.  Learn more


14 Years of Experience

With some of our clients we have been cooperating for over a decade now. We created their first mobile banking applications, and to this day we are responsible for making them the next big thing.

Digital transition is easier with ready components

Our Mobile Banking Platform can be easily expanded with components when needed. FINANTEQ’s products like SuperWallet, Pocket Branch, Mobile Token, Smartwatch Starter Kit will take your app to the next level.

Awarded designs of mobile app

Awarded Designs

Our designs are highly ranked by applications users (Goolge Play, Apple’s App Store) and independent design experts (Behance).

Few examples of possible functionalities:

Although the set of functionality varies depending on the bank’s requirements, here are some of the most popular features.

  • Transfer packages

    gives a designated person ability to accept transfer sets or individual transfers.

  • Signature hierarchy

    acceptance structure tailored to the client's needs.

  • Advanced filtering

    lets your client to find desired data quickly thanks to an extensive search system.

  • Dashboards

    aggregated view of company’s financial health or international market situation.

  • Client authorization and transaction verification

  • Administrator rights

    a wide range of options for granting rights to system users.

The Omnichannel

We create solutions for Mobile and Internet Banking experience. Both front-ends are integrated through middle ware layer and can be deployed as one large solution.



What are the main differences between mobile banking applications for corporate and retail banking customers?

The difference between the mobile banking application for corporations and individual customers lies mainly in the range of available functionalities and services.
Here are some important differences:
Range of services: a mobile banking application for corporations usually offers much more extensive banking and financial services that are tailored to the needs of enterprises. Most often, this includes functions such as payment management for cooperating companies and employees, corporate investments, payment card fleet management or international transaction management. Often, a multi-signature plays an important role, as well as advanced filters that allow users to view data with selected parameters.
Account management: in the corporate mobile application, it is possible to manage multiple bank accounts, and sub-accounts and grant access permissions to different people in the enterprise. Mid and big-size companies often have more complicated account structures and require more control over them.
Integrations with business systems: corporate mobile banking applications often allow integration with other business systems, such as accounting systems or enterprise resource management (ERP). Thanks to this, you can synchronize financial data and information flow between different systems.
Multi-user support: an enterprise application must support more than one user, with different levels of access. In corporate, there is usually a need for company managers to have access to more advanced functions and information than ordinary employees.
Security: corporate applications must meet high-security standards as they process more sensitive financial information. They may require additional forms of authentication, such as two-factor or biometric authentication, to secure access to data.
It is worth noting that some banks offer hybrid solutions that allow both individuals and businesses to use one mobile application, but with access to different features and services depending on the type of account.


What are the most desirable features in corporate banking applications?

The most desirable features in corporate banking applications can vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of businesses. Here are some commonly implemented features in corporate mobile banking:
Multi-Account Management: corporate banking applications should allow businesses to manage multiple accounts in a centralized manner. This includes the ability to view account balances, transaction history, and initiate transfers between accounts.
Payment Services: efficient payment functionality is crucial for corporations. Features such as bulk payments, payroll management, vendor payment initiation, and scheduled payments are highly desirable in corporate banking applications.
Reporting and Analytics: robust reporting and analytics capabilities enable businesses to analyze their financial data and make informed decisions. Customizable reports, data visualization tools, and the ability to export data in various formats are desirable features for corporate banking applications.
Security and Authorization Controls: corporate banking applications must prioritize robust security measures. This includes features like multi-factor authentication, user access controls with different permission levels, transaction authorization workflows, and encryption of sensitive data.
Integration with Enterprise Systems: seamless integration with other enterprise systems, such as accounting software or ERP systems, is crucial for efficient financial management. This allows businesses to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline workflows.
Mobile Accessibility: providing a mobile banking application with a user-friendly interface and responsive design is important for businesses that need on-the-go access to their financial information. Mobile apps should offer the same functionality as the desktop version, allowing users to perform transactions, access reports, and manage their accounts from anywhere.


What is Finanteq’s process for developing corporate banking applications?

Finanteq is specialized in custom development, which means that we always work very closely with our Clients. Fully understanding their needs and using our extensive know-how enables us to provide the best possible digital banking software.
Finanteq mobile banking has been developed since 2008, therefore the solution is rich in different modules and functionalities. During that time we successfully delivered many corporate mobile banking projects to banks.
Unlike “shortcut” technologies (e.g., cross-platform or webview), most of Finanteq’s corporate banking software was developed using native “dedicated” technology. Thanks to this approach our applications characterize by:

  • High performance: Finanteq native apps for banking are optimized for a specific platform (e.g. iOS or Android), which can lead to better performance and responsiveness. Access to native application programming interfaces (APIs) and system tools enables more direct control over application operation.
  • Full access to platform features: Creating native applications for enterprise banking allows us to use all the features and capabilities of a given operating system. We can more easily use advanced features such as reading fingerprints, camera modules, sensors, push notifications, etc.
  • Deep integration: Our native mobile apps can better integrate with other apps and OS features. They have access to native user interfaces (UI), which allows us to create more consistent and system-tailored interfaces.
  • Access to the latest features: OS updates and new features are typically available sooner for native apps than for cross-platform apps. Our developers take advantage of the latest capabilities and features introduced by the platform faster.
  • Improved UI Quality: Our native apps provide more fluid, responsive and intuitive UIs that follow the guidelines and standards of the platform in question. Users feel like a more consistent and polished experience.
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    How deep can the customization of the Finanteq mobile corporate banking solution be?

    The Finanteq solution for mobile corporate banking is based on the FTQ Framework that has been developed for many years and includes all best practices in it. It contains ready-made modules, libraries and code fragments that allow you to implement critical parts of the application, such as logging in, securing communication, etc. fast. It significantly shortens the development time and thus minimizes the necessary budget on the client’s side. The framework is separated from the visual layer, which, due to the specific requirements of banks, is built from scratch each time, taking into account all the guidelines received from the client.

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