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Superwallets – value beyond payments and banking.


Superwallets are the next generation of mobile banking solutions, combining three important parts: banking, payments, and m-commerce – all in a single mobile app.

FINANTEQ SuperWallet contains m-commerce services like: remote bus tickets, parking fees, everyday grocery shopping,  bill payments, take-out food, coupons, offers, event tickets, flower post, hotel booking, taxi, trains, flights and many other, combined with  banking and payments.

In one unified UX across all services – for user convenience, for everyday banking.

Bank as a startup?
Why not?

Acquire new users, loyalize and monetize them – hack growth like hot startups do. Improve conversion metrics with big data coming from finance, payments and commerce areas.

Provide many banking superwallets dedicated to specific groups of consumers. Test new hypotheses and experiment with business models.

How to effectively build superwallets?

There are three ways:


  • 1 You can do it with FINANTEQ’s SuperWallet white-label platform and ready-to-deploy in-app marketplace.
  • 2 You can extend your existing mobile banking app with in-app marketplace and convert it into superwallet (FINANTEQ m-Commerce Cloud).
  • 3You can start a 3-year, multi-million dollar project and experience building the entire thing from scratch…  ;-)


What does Santander Bank say
about its superwallet?

“Our mobile client base has grown by 100% over the year. At the same time, the transactions have grown by almost 260%”

Tomasz Niewiedział, Head of Mobile & Internet Banking Area at Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.,
Biggest Santander’s Bank in Central Europe

SuperWallet 2.0 is comming soon.

Our mission is to transform trends into financial technology. Now we are making
the subsequent step. Watch our next
innovations in FINANTEQ SuperWallet 2.0
platform, soon.


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