APPLICATION SHIELDING (Runtime Application Self-Protection)

Protect your application against malware and safeguard sensitive information

Security from the start

Mobile banking developers should think about the security of their application right from the first line of the code. This is why at FINANTEQ we provide our clients with the highest standard of protection for mobile banking. In order to ensure the best effects in this field, we cooperate with Promon partner whose solution offers the widest range of security mechanisms for applications.

Promon is a leader in Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) technology. This security technology, when integrated into the application environment, is capable of detecting and preventing real-time attacks against mobile applications.


Application protection from inside

The unique operating mechanisms of Promon Shield ensure protection of an application without the need to grant it any additional permissions or make unnecessary modifications to the code. This enables the Shield to cooperate with security features offered by operating systems.

Reduced risk of attacks

The solution monitors and detects whether an application is operating in a suspicious environment, such as a rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) device. The Shield decreases the risk of overlay attacks, debuggers, emulators and other mechanisms used by cybercriminals targeting mobile applications.

Response to match the threat

Upon identifying a malicious activity, the protected application adjusts its operations in real-time to stop potential attacks. Types of response to this kind of signals include blocking the execution of the injected code, notifying security administrators and closing the infected application.

Promon SHIELD™ has protected applications used by more than 100 Million users since 2009.

Additional benefits:

  • Unaffected User Experience – protects multiple business apps while maintaining optimal user experience,

  • Helps to stay compliant – upholds the strictest international compliance requirements (PSD2 / GDPR), and works on multiple platforms,

  • Highly Secured software keys – protects sensitive data in the app and prevents cloning scenarios for keys or unique identifiers.

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