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Today, the financial sector remains one of the most popular targets for hackers. At Finanteq, we know that the highest security level in mobile banking apps is a must. We know how to write code and what security features to use to make banking applications unbreakable.

Agnieszka Torój
Mobile banking app with security system

There is bad news. Hackers shifted part of their focus to the creation of mobile threats. That’s why all organizations should put more emphasis on security. Particularly when it comes to mobile banking security. But we have good news. We know exactly how to secure your mobile app against cyberattacks! And how to avoid situations like those mentioned below.

Agnieszka Torój

As the economy and banking system become more digitised, mobile app-based cybercrime is growing too. What should every bank consider to protect its application from the risk of intellectual property theft, loss of revenue, and reputation damage?

Anna Sorbet

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