Pocket Branch

Video Banking and Chat in one solution

Pocket Branch in a nutshell

  • A remote channel for banks.

  • Three ways of communication: video, audio or text — addressing customers’ specific banking requirements.

  • Designed for mobile and online banking.

  • Omnichannel approach — consistent experience across all platforms.

  • A stand-alone solution or embedded into any mobile application and website.

Pocket Branch benefits

Pocket Branch combines advantages of a brick-and-mortar branch and remote channels:

For Banks

  • Lower operating costs
    and a much wider reach than a physical branch.
  • Enhanced sales capabilities
    in comparison to traditional call centers.
  • Easier relationship building
    thanks to human interaction.
  • Modern bank image
    due to the advancement of innovative technologies.

For customers

  • 24/7 Accessibility
    whenever and wherever needed.
  • Maximum convenience
    through simplicity and intuitiveness.
  • Great user experience
    thanks to personal, eye-to-eye contact with the advisor.
  • Increased customer satisfaction
    thanks to the new features.

Boost sales with a virtual branch With Pocket Branch, the advisor can answer all financial questions, support customers with visual, use persuasive skills and complete the whole sales process in one place.











Check out the features which support sales below.

Pocket Branch toolkit for sale

With Pocket Branch, the advisor can answer all financial questions, support the sales process with visuals, use persuasive skills and complete the whole sales process in one place.

  • icon_1


    The advisor explains the product with visual support, by showing simulations, tables and other documents. These options enhance product understanding and make the sales process transparent.

  • icon_2

    Drawing board

    The advisor marks, draws, highlights and underlines key aspects of the product on the screen, which improves communication and helps the customer make the final decision.

  • icon_3

    Sending documents

    The customer receives essential documents (e.g. necessary agreements and forms) and familiarizes themselves with it during or/and after the conversation, which helps the advisor close the sales fast.

  • icon_4


    Adds are used to engage the customer during the connection waiting screen. A click on the banner forwards the information about customer's action to the advisor. This feature increases sales potential.

  • icon_5

    Proactive chat

    The system detects if the customer is in doubt and reacts by launching a chat window. This option may be available when Pocket Branch is synchronized with our no-code solution – Extentum.

pocket branch backoffice tools graph

Pocket Branch backoffice tools

  • Quick responses
    The predefined, customizable set of ready responses for most frequently asked questions that make the advisor’s work more efficient.

  • VIP queue
    To provide priority service to a selected group of customers, which improves their user experience.

  • Multichat and asynchronous chat
    The possibility to chat with many clients simultaneously, conversation switching and access to the chat`s history.

  • Initiating a call by the advisor
    The tool allows the advisor to call or call back the client through audio or video.

Pocket branch integration image

API – quick integration with any mobile banking application

  • Our SDK can be easily embedded into any existing app (made by us or any other IT provider).

  • We provide API and detailed technical documentation for developers.

  • Component is ready to be embeded into any mobile banking design.



What are the benefits of a personalized chat and video banking solution?

Pocket Branch is a new banking channel for a new reality — the remote branch.
It is a complete set of business and technological tools that allows banks to launch a new contact channel for their customers. It provides tools with a digital onboarding solution and improves customer service and sales processes. Pocket Branch combines the advantages of physical branches and remote channels.
From the client’s perspective, it offers maximum accessibility and a seamless experience of the remote channel. Additionally, it enables access to professional service and allows more emotional contact with the advisor than the call center does. Being able to switch from chat to video (or vice versa) enables clients to use a form of contact that suits them best. Clients used to online meeting platforms (or apps for conference calls) will find this new channel extremely intuitive and helpful.
As for the bank’s perspective, Pocket Branch allows maintaining costs of service at a reasonable level (significantly lower compared to a brick-and-mortar branch). At the same time, it improves the conversion rate of a physical branch and helps the bank to maintain the 8image of a modern and innovative institution.


Is Pocket Branch an omnichannel capable solution?

Pocket Branch is not a direct competitor to the existing web or mobile banking channels. It is a tool which might be part of a bank’s omnichannel banking strategy. At the same time, it is far superior to standard conferencing software as it is a complete set of business processes and technological components that can be either set up as stand-alone applications or embedded into existing web and mobile applications, both for customers and for agents to facilitate customer service.


What is the process of implementing Pocket Branch into an existing platform?

The process of implementing Pocket Branch is user-friendly. The solution is available in two forms:

  • SDKs with documentation for integration by the bank itself or by its software vendors,
  • White-label stand-alone application with many branding options.
    Mobile and web components can be integrated with existing solutions and systems or delivered as a standalone application. Additionally, if the bank already uses some sort of video banking app (including video conferencing apps), Pocket Branch can supplement it due to its numerous additional features.

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