OCR solution for banking

Mobile banking is more important than ever. Nonetheless, filling in transfer forms and entering other data on a smartphone keyboard is a tedious task. The mobile text recognition technology comes in handy here. Thanks to artificial intelligence, using mobile banking has become much easier.

Mobile text recognition for banks

How it works? The component enables automatic completion of any individual data that is scanned with a smartphone camera from:

an invoice

an ID card

a credit card

a contract

any other document

Main features

  • Works fast, without the need to communicate with the server (off–line scanning).

  • The user can see a preview of the scanned data in real time, so they can immediately verify the result.

  • Scanning many fields is performed using an intuitive and simple interface.

  • The solution validates the accuracy of many types of data (VAT identification number, bank account number, etc.).

  • During a payment, the scanned data are sent directly to the payment form - ready to be used in the transfer process.

  • Data scanning is carried out directly from paper or digital documents displayed on screens.

  • Works on any document format.

Quick integration with any mobile banking application

  • Our SDK can be easily imbedded into any existing app (made by us or any other IT provider).

  • We provide detailed technical documentation for developers.

  • Component is ready to blend into any mobile banking design.

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How to automate invoice payments in mobile banking book


  • Why clients don't want to pay invoices in mobile banking?

  • What is OCR technology and how it can help you automate invoice payments?

  • How to implement OCR technology in mobile banking?


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