FINANTEQ develops a new application for BGŻ BNP Paribas

Individual customers of Bank BGŻ Paribas have received a brand new and modern mobile banking. The application features swift and easy access to accounts, deposits, loans and records of expenses. The development and maintenance of the application have been entrusted to FINANTEQ.

The new BGŻ BNP Paribas application is called GOmobile. In order to optimally facilitate its use, part of the functionalities within the application do not even require logging in.

Without logging in, one can therefore check their bank balance by amount and by  percentage and make a transfer to one of five predefined recipients. The user can also assign photos to selected contacts, which will make the application interface even more intuitive. Soon, without logging in, it will be possible to generate a BLIK code.

Without logging in, GOmobile users will also be able to check currency exchange rates, find the nearest cash machines and BGŻ BNP Paribas branches or obtain telephone numbers and contact details of the Bank.

The use of the other functionalities available as part of the application requires logging in – by means of the PIN code or a fingerprint scanner available in selected smartphones. Another functionality worth mentioning is transferring money between one’s own accounts. In order to perform such a transfer, the user just turns the slider between one and the other account.

GOmobile also enables the user to create templates of money transfers (pre-set in Internet Banking) and instant transfers. The application features access to the accounts record along with a dedicated search engine available from the application. It is also possible to repay a credit card or top up a mobile phone using the GOmobile application.

Written by
Artur Małek
Artur Małek
Head of Marketing at FINANTEQ Insights