Mobile Token – Security made for mobile banking

Mobile Token is used to generate one-time passwords and authorize transactions. Both: in the on-line and mobile channels.

Quick integration with any mobile banking application

  • Our SDK can be easily imbedded into any existing app (made by us or any other IT provider)

  • We provide detailed technical documentation for developers.

  • Component is ready to blend into any mobile banking design.

Wide range of applications In addition to basic use cases, such as transaction authorization and logging into the web service, Mobile Token can be used in a variety of situations.

Transaction authorization

Card management

Corporate banking

In-branch authorization

Logging to web and mobile

PSD-2 compliant

SMS codes, hardware tokens and code cards are both expensive and insecure. FINANTEQ’s Mobile Token is integrated within the mobile banking application, thus is the most user friendly solution and also meets the requirements of Payment Services Directive 2.

Mobile Token inside the mobile banking app

FINANTEQ Mobile Token is used by small and big banking institutions. The token is implemented inside the bank’s mobile banking application, so the user does not have to rewrite the code, as it happens when the token is external.


Easy and transparent licensing model

  1. Purchase Mobile Token with One-Time-Fee
  2. Get FINANTEQ’s Mobile Token implemented
  3. Enjoy FINANTEQ’s Mobile Token for a lifetime

Mobile token benefits

  • Easy licensing model: One-Time-Fee

  • PSD-2 compliant

  • High level of security (including Behavioral Analysis)

  • Safer and cheaper than old tokens

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