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Finanteq employees

It’s ten years since the NBK Mobile Banking application* saw the light of day🌞

Together with the teams at National Bank of Kuwait, Finanteq is creating one of the most popular and advanced mobile apps in the Middle East. The application has been recognized in top industry rankings (such as Global Finance), but most importantly, it is appreciated by its users – the bank’s customers💎💪

Agnieszka Torój
the best no-code platform for mobile banking app development

According to Forrester’s research, low-code development platforms demonstrate a significant speed advantage, being 10 times faster compared to conventional platforms. There is no doubt that low-code/no-code solutions in banking are the future. But how to choose the best solution among the multitude of available options?

Anna Sorbet
Mobile banking app with security system

There is bad news. Hackers shifted part of their focus to the creation of mobile threats. That’s why all organizations should put more emphasis on security. Particularly when it comes to mobile banking security. But we have good news. We know exactly how to secure your mobile app against cyberattacks! And how to avoid situations like those mentioned below.

Agnieszka Torój

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