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Today the mobile channel is the most important one in terms of retail banking. With Finanteq’s framework developed for over 10 years, we deliver applications that are tailored to individual market specifics while maintaining the highest security standards. We have the in-house UX Design Studio that pays special attention to the UX and UI of the application to ensure the best experience for the end user. The highest users ratings in stores prove it.

Finanteq’s deployments

Take a look at few examples of the applications that we have created for retail banking:


Build the best digital bank now We specialize in delivering a complete product: starting with consulting and UX Design and ending with publishing the application in App Store and Google Play.


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    UX Design

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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

  • Deployment


  • Post Deployment Support

    Post Deployment Support

  • Consulting


Future of retail banking apps graph

The future of retail banking apps

Finanteq’s development approach means a consistently high level of technical experience which ensures delivering top-quality and reliable retail banking applications. Also, a steady pace of delivery is maintained, keeping high business value per time unit as the application develops. Automated testing guarantees instant production releases.



What are the benefits of custom-made retail banking apps vs out-of-the-box solutions?

Personalization in banking is all about delivering a remarkable service or product to a client. It should be based on the individual experiences of the customer, historical data and geographical aspects.
It can help to build the trust of customers and, as a result, it drives their loyalty and finally the bank’s profits. Anticipating clients’ needs, engaging them daily, and providing constant assistance are the key factors that have a huge impact on fostering loyalty and consequently reducing customer churn.
Everyone wants to be treated individually. It is not any different with banking. We want banking apps to be tailored to our needs. If they are, we will use them more often and will be more satisfied with the bank’s services.
Out-of-the-box solutions, apart from being branded, have many other limitations. Not having a full customization potential forces customers to accept the product as it is, with many compromises. This renders success in a highly competitive market almost impossible.


What are the most desirable features in retail banking applications?

Banking applications are constantly changing. New trends and new technological breakthroughs open new doors and stimulate the continuous development of retail banking solutions. Even so, some features can be described as the most common and desirable. These include secure authentication and login, account management (balance check, saved payments, quick payments, display of transaction history), internal and external transfers, ATM and branch locator, card details and card management, customer support, and intelligent chatbots. Recent years have also shown an increasing interest in Buy Now, Pay Later options, m-commerce add-ons, dark mode features, and others.


What is Finanteq’s process of developing retail banking applications?

In Finanteq, we believe in long-term relationships. We specialize in custom development with the use of a base toolset that shortens the time to market. We always work very closely with our clients, having in mind their needs and providing budget-friendly, best possible digital banking software.
Finanteq’s mobile banking toolset has been developed since 2008, therefore the solution is rich in many different modules and features.
Unlike “shortcut” and limited technologies, most of Finanteq’s retail banking software was developed using native programming. Thanks to this approach, we offer the greatest user experience, usability, security, responsiveness, and intuitiveness, which is so difficult to achieve with other technologies like cross-platform development.
Developing in the native technology means creating a user interface, which will be adapted to the specifics of a given platform. At the same time maintaining the highest level of security and granting access to all native features without any limitations. In such an approach sky is the limit in terms of technology. Through the years, our core (Finanteq Framework) has been tested in dozens of projects. Today it can be used to build new solutions quickly and effectively, where short time-to-market means true resource and cost efficiency, and all of this with a simple and transparent business model.

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