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Meet the no-code platform for extending digital banking in a matter of hours


The traditional development of digital banking is expensive and allows the implementation of a limited number of changes and extensions in front‑end per year. This results in clogging the already existing bottleneck in digital channels.


Extentum is a high-level no-code platform for creating and extending multi-channel functionalities on-the-fly. Contact us to learn how to use FINANTEQ’s Extentum no-code platform to introduce new features within hours.

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No-code platform for extending digital banking

Extentum is the easiest and fastest way to build new functionalities in existing banking front‑ends by business people – like business owners, product owners, marketers, analysts and other business experts (non-programmers, non-IT, without IT knowledge nor UX skills).


New functionalities are designed in visual tools and available immediately in the existing front‑ends with just 1-click. Functionalities are generated “on the fly” with UX-transparent interfaces – natively for mobile and web apps (the process does not require replacing the app version).

front-end development

  • Workload
    300 Man Days
    15-25 Talented IT Experts
    4-6 Months

front-end development

    1-2 Man Days
    1 Business Person
    Doesn’t matter :)
    1-2 Days

“By 2024 three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four low-code development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives”


Extentum is successfully used in the typical cases:

• extending existing functionalities
• selling, cross-selling and up-selling
• multichannel processes & motions
• verification of market hypotheses
• surveys and market research
• onboarding
• service and support
• news and information
• workaround functionalities
• many others based on customer interactions

“By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”


Extentum Benefits

  • Save even 30% of annual costs on front-end development.

  • Introduce new features within hours.

  • Let Big Data shape your processes – personalize front-ends for each customer individually.



What are the differences between low-code and no-code?

Citizen development is one of the top trends in web and mobile development. Be it low-code or no-code solutions, the emergence of tools using such an approach, completely changed the way, that software is created.
No-code platforms are tools that can be used by business people without any advanced technical skills. No programming knowledge is necessary and the effects of their work are almost immediate. Whereas low-code tools are a little bit more complex. They involve some level of coding, but the emphasis is on using visual development tools, drag-and-drop interfaces, and pre-built components to reduce the amount of manual coding required. Developers still need coding knowledge but can work with abstractions that speed up the development process.
Extentum provided by Finanteq can be both. It has a robust core of options, that can be used by people without any technical skills. But it can also be used to create more complicated scenarios, which require some level of programming knowledge. However, once additional services are created and added to the tool, they can be used by business people a ready-to-use component. This makes Extentum so special – it allows a smooth transition from low-code development to a no-code platform.


Why use no-code platforms?

Classic software development requires the use of highly professional programmers. It is costly, and it takes a lot of time. With time to market is one of the key factors of any software deployment, this issue tends to be a problem.
No-code platforms can solve most of the problems at once. Not only they can be used by people without programming skills (not engaging developers, who can focus on more complex tasks), but they also allow significantly reduce the time for a feature to go live. No-code software development (as well as low-code software development) enables the creation of customer-centric software, where the design process is focused on what the customer needs, and not on what the software can provide. It is a win-win situation in which a financial institution can save time, money, and resources at the same time putting the client in the front row again.


What conditions must the system meet in order to implement Extentum?

Extentum is a no-code platform allowing the extension of functionalities of an existing digital application, any application – without a software development process. In most typical scenarios building functionalities using Extentum is completely IT-independent.

Extentum is distributed as a Software Development Kit (SDK) which is a set of components that can be easily and quickly integrated with existing mobile and web applications (plug & play).

Each software component was created in the native language of a given platform. Thanks to that it can be implemented on iOS and Android mobile platforms without the need to meet special additional requirements. Simply speaking – integrating Extentum SDKs is done by adding just a few lines of code to the mobile or web applications.

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