No-code platform for extending digital banking [Product Overview]

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Classic software development is a challenge for many companies. Shortage of programmers, high costs, and time-consuming to create a perfect solution are just some of them. In the current business ecosystem, banking applications whose development began months earlier may no longer be relevant today.

The time of introducing new functionalities is crucial in the development of mobile banking applications. Banks that are quickest to respond to current issues will gain a significant competitive advantage.

Fortunately, an alternative to the time-consuming process of software development already exists.

What is it? Application development using no-code technology. 

How can we use it in mobile banking app development? You can learn from our article.

No-code, the future of banking application development

No-code platforms, such as Finanteq’s Extentum, allow the creation of new functionalities in applications for people without programming skills.

Extentum is the answer to the problem of writing complicated code. The key here is the use of a visual editor that guides the user through the entire process of creating new functionality.

Did we make you curious?

Download our latest product overview: No-code platform for extending digital banking and discover how to leverage capabilities inherent in no-code.

In the product overview, you will find:

  • Comprehensive product description;
  • Key benefits of no-code development;
  • 7 use cases of Extentum that might surprise you;
  • Answers to the most frequently asked question about no-code.

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Agnieszka Torój
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