FINANTEQ | mobile finance & superwallets

We are enablers
of superwallets.

FINANTEQ is not only a software
house. We provide complete
infrastructure and content for
in-app marketplaces used by
superwallets and mobile banking


FINANTEQ m-Commerce Cloud is
the mobile marketplace platform
aimed to provide m-commerce part
for mobile banking apps and
superwallets. The marketplace is
available in PaaS model (Platform as
a Service) and is ready to use in a
growing number of countries.



FINANTEQ m-Commerce Cloud platform consist of:

  • complete infrastructure in the cloud
  • set of selected partners & merchants (acceptants) providing mobile content*
  • deep integration with partners’ and merchants’ back-end systems
  • m-commerce server API
  • iOS, Android and Windows Phone SDKs with complete m-commerce functionality
  • analytics and integration with advanced recommendation engines (strategic partnership with SAS Institute)
  • roadmap of integrating subsequent m-commerce services

* We also integrate individually selected set of merchants and content providers for your superwallet or mobile banking app.

“The mobile wallet is now a complex service delivery mechanism combining a range of functionality far beyond simply placing a credit card into a phone.”

Ovum, “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a White-label Mobile Wallet Platform” (Dec 2014)

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