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Finanteq’s client – Bank Zachodni WBK continue to lead the way in the European mobile banking market


Forrester Research evaluated the largest retail banks in Europe and found out, that CaixaBank in Spain, Garanti in Turkey and Bank Zachodni WBK in Poland continue to lead in mobile banking.

For a few years now the Polish bank has been a benchmark to the global banking industry with its superwallet application.

This is thanks to the bank’s ability to respond quickly to its clients’ needs (like for e.g. offering a video chat through the mobile banking app to help customers reach human help easier).

“In order to improve their mobile banking capabilities, digital banking teams should not just play catch up, but instead start using mobile banking as a platform to better engage customers.” – wrote Aurelie L’Hostis’, Forrester’s analyst. This is what BZ WBK is doing especially well in its superwallet thanks to adopting many methods for in-store payments (HCE, BLIK) and of course an mcommerce platform, allowing customers to pay remotely for goods and services.


Artur Małek

Marketing Manager, Finanteq

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