FINANTEQ opens a new office in Łódź

Street in Łódź near the new Finanteq office

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a new office in Łódź. This is already our third office in Poland.

We are located in a modern and comfortably furnished Co\Walk HUB in the heart of the city – the post-industrial complex OFF Piotrkowska Center.

For our employees, we have prepared ergonomic workstations in a private all-inclusive office. Moreover, following the idea of work-life balance, we have provided the space with a wide range of facilities. In the new workspace, there will be no shortage of relaxation rooms, a games area or a gym.

You can already meet in the office to work and talk, as well as to exercise, drink coffee, take a rest and just relax.

Working in IT – why choose Łódź?

At FINANTEQ we hire specialists from all over Poland. Being a company that is constantly developing and looking for employees, we make sure to meet their expectations. Employees can decide on the preferred way of working: remote, stationary or hybrid.

The office in Łódź is an important step for further development and expansion of the recruitment base of new specialists. Initially, the decision to recruit from this region was based on its strategic location (competitiveness with nearby Warsaw, lower costs) and the huge potential of candidates from the local workforce.

The decision to open an office was made because it suited technical specialists who wanted to work stationary:

“We opened the office in Łódź to meet our developers’ expectation, who, despite remote working, also needed a place to work stationary. Working in an office has many advantages, and as a company, we put emphasis on mutual relations and good communication, as this translates into the work of the entire team. We will definitely develop our new office because we care about our employees and we want them to be comfortable in their work”.  says Katarzyna-Jarmosz Kowalik, Scrum Master at FINANTEQ.


Sebastian Gumiński, Mobile Software Developer, adds:

“Yes, it was our initiative. There are several arguments for having a space for stationary work. The first is to start being social again. After two years of the pandemic and remote working, we isolated ourselves from co-workers, from the company. For the sake of our mental health, we cannot ignore the role of establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships. Second – having an on-site office makes it easier and faster to deal with certain issues and make various arrangements. Last but not least, from the point of view of conducting recruitment processes, as well as building the employer’s brand and image in the local market, it is very important to have branded business location. A place where you can freely, face to face, talk to the candidate. It allows you to get to know him better than through audiovisual communication systems”.

Why work at FINANTEQ?

Joining the #FinanteqTeam is a chance to work with the newest technologies with the best industry practices. We currently employ nearly 150 specialists and carry out projects for banks all over the world (mainly in Europe and the Middle East). Working for us is an opportunity to develop in ambitious projects in an international environment. By becoming part of the team you receive support and interesting tasks.

Innovation, technical excellence and extreme efficiency are the values that guide us in our daily work and decision making.

We have many plans for further expansion and we are not slowing down. We maintain high dynamics of income and profit growth, while consistently increasing employment. Acquisition of new, qualified specialists is strictly related to the intensive development of ongoing projects, but also to the planned implementation of new projects.

We are currently looking for technical experts, experienced programmers (Java, iOS, Kotlin), business analysts, testers, devops engineers and scrum masters. We also have places for juniors (iOS).

Check out the job offers we have for you right now.

You can find out more about the company and our company culture at as well as on our social media profiles:




About CoWalk HUB

CoWalk HUB is a unique, ultra-modern space for IT & TECH and creative freelancers, companies and scaleups located at post-industrial OFF Piotrkowska Center in the heart of Łódź. Our mission is to provide space to learn, accelerate development and form connections. We organize many industry meetups and strive to build a creative business ecosystem around the project giving added value to our contractors. 

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Anna Sorbet
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