Finanteq named a “successful disruptor” by Deloitte


“The market for financial technology in Poland is relatively innovative and open to new ideas.” – we read in Deloitte’s “FinTech in the CEE region” report. –  “[The market] provides FinTech vendors with a wide range of opportunities for launching original solutions“.


One of the standing out solutions that report mentions is Finanteq’s superwallet. Deloitte calls us a “successful disruptor” and underlines, that thanks to superwallet Finanteq has found its own way to collaborate with the banks in the area of digitalization.

“The [Finanteq] company provides mobile finance applications such as m-banking, smartwatch apps and superwallets. These last ones are the combination of banking, payments and additional m-commerce services like remote bus tickets, parking fees, bill payments, coupons or event tickets”  – says the report. It also mentions our long lasting cooperation with BZ WBK and the superwallet that we have deployed within the bank’s app – BZWBK24 Mobile  – “Based on agreements between banks and municipalities, a monthly public transport ticket can be coded directly on to a bank’s debit cards (those of BZ WBK, for example, which leverage the SuperWallet solution provided by the Polish Finanteq company).”

As a mobile banking vendor, we work closely with the banks and co-operation underlies our business model. This is why we will continue to deploy SuperWallet with our next clients.

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About the report:
Deloitte performed a review of the FinTech market in the Central  & Eastern European (CEE) region. The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of financial services industry, estimate the size of the FinTech market and illustrate potential business opportunities for FinTech companies in nine CEE countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Artur Małek, Insight and Marketing Manager, Finanteq

Written by
Artur Małek
Head of FINANTEQ Insights. Artur is responsible for knowing what trends are important in #Mobile #Banking and #Fintech. He helps our clients by providing them with actionable insights.