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Mobile banking components ready for deployment:

Mobile Token – Security made for mobile banking

Mobile Token is used to generate one-time passwords and authorize transactions. Both: in the on-line and mobile channels.

Google Pay and Apple Pay SDK – Provisioning and Verification

Our component makes it easier for a bank to implement Google Pay or Apple Pay quickly and without unnecessary risks or delays. Thanks to our SDK and know-how, the bank will be able to implement Provisioning and Verification processes into its mobile banking application and fulfill an agreement with Google or Apple.



OCR solution for banking

Mobile banking is more important than ever. Nonetheless, filling in transfer forms and entering other data on a smartphone keyboard is a tedious task. The mobile text recognition technology comes in handy here. Thanks to artificial intelligence, using mobile banking has become much easier.

Why components?

It is vital for any bank to be able to introduce new features, test hypotheses and, when needed, quickly adjust products and strategies.

Unfortunately, creating new functionalities in a software development cycle is time consuming – analyses, development, coordination, testing and deployment are costly in terms of resources and usually last months.

Fast time to market is the key to win today. This is why we present to you our components – a quick and tested way to accelerate your time-to-market.

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