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We are pleased to present a new generation of the mobile banking application for corporate and business clients with a user friendly interface and integrated mobile token, prepared in collaboration with mBank.

Long-term cooperation with mBank

Our cooperation with mBank (BRE Bank SA then) began in 2011, when, as eLeader banking division, we started talks that resulted in the first mobile application for corporate clients in Poland. Development lasted a year. In 2013, the application was launched, available on four platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. 

Following the change of the bank’s brand from BRE Bank SA to mBank, at the turn of 2013 and 2014, eLeader team conducted a full redesign of the application. At the same time, we created the first application for tablets and we adapted the system to BlackBerry 10. Ultimately, it was available on all mobile devices available on the Polish market at that time.

In 2016 the authentication method was changed and the position of the app raised. The implementation of mobile authentication which replaced the previously used hardware tokens made life easier for end users. The effect of these changes was an increase in the number of active users from several to tens of thousands. The quality of the implemented solutions is confirmed by the app’s ratings in Google Play and Apple Store.


mBank does not limit itself to follow technological trends, it definitely creates them. The solutions used by mBank inspire many initiatives in Poland and around the world. mBank 3.0 application is the best proof of that. The bank is in constant need of modern solutions, and the dynamically developing mobile technologies are the starting point to create an application that will increase brand recognition and take corporate mobile banking to a higher level. The bar has been set very high – the mobile application is supposed to encourage customers to use it frequently and increase the number of active users.

Since the application was to become a handy tool used in everyday work, Customer Experience had to match the standards of the best retail solutions that create user habits and expectations. The new corporate application had to be intuitive and functional enough to allow each of the authorized employees to use it with ease.


In 2020, in the process of selecting suppliers, the Bank chose Finanteq once again to implement a new mBank Company Mobile application. Among the objectives are: the adaptation of the main functionalities of the application to the current standards, increased readability and intuitiveness, as well as faster access to key functionalities.

The app stands out with its simple, modern UI and UX developed by UX/UI mBank’s auxiliary company. It contains 63 new dedicated screens that guide the user through the application in a clear and intuitive way. mBank CompanyMobile has also been enriched with modern microanimations and transitions that complement the minimalist, elegant design giving the application features that perfectly match the tastes of today’s users. 

The application’s dashboard contains the most necessary information currently presented in a simple and customer-friendly form. The bottom navigation bar allows the user to quickly access the most important tabs, i.e. history, orders, currency module or home page. Another new feature is the client assistant screen, which presents a list of orders awaiting authorization and current tasks for the user.  

The way of displaying bank operations has also changed, it is intuitive for the user. The customer has a very convenient option to filter transactions in history by date or amount and order filtering function. Another useful feature is searching for particular transactions

The whole application is also enriched with solutions to facilitate its use in everyday work. In order to increase users’ convenience, the application has been integrated with a mobile token. Mobile authorization allows for fast and secure logging into the internet banking system and secure authorization of orders.

It is worth mentioning how mBank supports its clients while using the new application, updated both in terms of functionalities and visuals. Each user going through chosen processes is facilitated by prompts that guide them step by step, e.g. during application activation. The application development process was kept in the spirit of Scrum, great openness and involvement of various departments (business, IT, UX/UI company and FTQ) contributed to its success.

The collaboration with FTQ and the other 3 teams was carried out according to Agile methodology, based on full trust of all parties. As a result, a single Bank-Finanteq team was created, in which the boundaries between the bank and the supplier blurred. It proves the level of cooperation between us grew and at the moment it’s very high. A year of intensive work on the application means joint events of the four teams, an effective refinement process, as well as full openness and transparency.” – Adam Piotrowski, Head of Corporate eBanking.

mBank CompanyMobile offers:

  • Simple and quick application activation;
  • Mobile Authorization of operations;
  • Access to the account history;
  • List of pending and outstanding transactions;
  • Advanced search filters;
  • Possibility of signing and sending transactions for execution (e.g. transfers, transfer packages);
  • Information about card funds, transaction history and presentation of corporate card limits;
  • Quick currency exchange in the FX module;
  • Quick execution of transfers from templates;
  • Logging into the application using TouchID, FaceID or PIN.

Development of the new version of the application was conducted in the Agile methodology. This approach as well as working in one (bank and providers), well-coordinated and highly motivated team allowed us to develop and deliver the best possible solution in a short time, with regard to the technology used, customer needs and bank products supported by the system. It also confirmed that our High Performing Teams are able to deliver new versions of systems much more efficiently than ever before.

Finanteq Mobile banking

Finanteq Mobile Banking is a custom-made native application for iOS and Android, based on Finanteq Framework (developed and tested in various conditions since early 2000s). It’s a mobile banking solution for smartphones and tablets with a comprehensive range of easily customizable functionalities for retail, SME and corporate clients. Thanks to high quality design (Finanteq UX Design Studio) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with auditing methods, the solution presents the highest level of user experience, reliability and security.

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