How does a virtual branch help to increase sales?

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The problem for most banks is that digital channels are still not as good at selling as branches. Can a remote branch sell well?

With Pocket Branch, a virtual branch, we can change that and start selling effectively remotely.

In my previous article, I touched on what the future of banking will look like. Progressive digitalization will force further changes for which banks must be prepared. 

The move of banking to electronic channels is inevitable. As a result of this, many banks have faced new challenges. One of the challenges is to maintain their existing sales capabilities and increase them. The core of banks’ business is sales.

At FINANTEQ, we offer various support, for example, a virtual branch. Pocket Branch gives a possibility of remote contact between the client and bank advisor through video, voice, or text chat. All you need is a smartphone with the bank’s app or access to a web browser.

What makes your virtual branch effective in sales?
Why is it better than a stationary branch, traditional call enter, and even an online service?

Here are only 3 REASONS why you should go into Pocket Branch when it comes to increasing sales.

Reason 1: A virtual branch is another contact channel

Sales through virtual branches is the future.
The sooner banks understand this, the better for them.

I am not going to the bank…

Changing customer habits (moving towards using digital solutions) and the pandemic, have reduced the number of customers in branches. That is a fact. Branch sales are becoming a thing of the past – banks are massively closing their traditional offices worldwide (here is only one example).

People desire convenient solutions. Why go to the branch, when they can do their daily financial affairs through remote channels? Sitting comfortably in a chair, in a bank app on a smartphone, customers can apply for a product and sign a contract with a few clicks.

Moreover, in an era of increasing cybercrime, customers are more afraid to talk on the phone. They are becoming more cautious online, too. The reports show these crimes have increased even more in times of pandemic when customers’ vigilance is dormant and focus on other issues, and criminals’ creativity is limitless.

… I do not handle financial matters over the phone

In addition, some customers still can not convince themselves to make decisions over the phone. Every salesperson has surely heard the phrase: I do not deal with credit over the phone or: I will not give you my information over the phone, because how do I know that you are calling from the bank? Besides, we often hear that customers are tired of being attacked with sales offers: they do not answer the phone or hang up after hearing that the contact is about an offer. This greatly limits sales opportunities.

… but I need human contact

Many clients, nevertheless, still value direct contact with another person – especially when it concerns decisions, such as taking a loan. It is easier to decide when you see an advisor you trust, who will answer all your doubts. In the era of lockdowns and restrictions on interpersonal contacts, it turned out that we still need the presence of another human being.

The questions beg themselves.  

How to reconcile the need for contact with an advisor with the above limitations? 
How to maintain the engagement and relationship with the customer, having the means of audio-video transmission?

The answer to this, of course, is the virtual branch, which combines the advantages of a traditional bank with the security, modernity, and convenience of remote solutions. 
Customers still need a bank with a human face. Direct contact with other people gives a sense of understanding, builds and maintains trust, provides a guarantee of security, and allows easy-making decisions. Those of sales too. 

Reason 2: Selling here and now

Pocket Branch makes it possible to finalize the sale here and now. 
What specifically helps the advisor in closing the sales in Pocket Branch?

Presentation of materials and simulations

Every one of us is a customer – we deal with sales at every turn. What is more, anyone who has ever worked in sales knows how important is to get familiar with the product for the customer. Customers always have questions and want to get the calculations or simulations. 

The advantage of a virtual branch is that the customer can get his questions answered right now. He does not have to wander through the nooks and crannies of the banks’ websites to find out on his own. It facilitates decision-making and shortens the time of the sales process. 

Thanks to the Pocket Branch functionality, an advisor presenting a product to a client can make presentations, statements, and any other documents available on the screen. The customer can carefully read the calculations, learn about interest, all costs, or the schedule.

Last but not least, most of us are visual – it’s a great way to reach the customer and make their decision here and now.

Uploading documents

Please email me that offer – every call center advisor knows that this sentence is often the sign of the end of a phone conversation with a customer. In some cases, it is not technically possible for an advisor to send an offer, sometimes it is required to contact the customer again. This causes an extension of the sales decision-making time, which unfortunately is not conducive to sales. How much easier would it be to send documents during the conversation and ask the customer to get acquainted here and now?

In Pocket Branch we provide a function thanks to which during the call the advisor can securely send the necessary documents directly to the client’s device. Uploading files in no way disrupts the current call. 

Once downloaded, the client can open the document and review it right away during the call. The consultant can discuss, explain and specify all the points of the agreement with the client. If necessary, the advisor can highlight individual parts of the text on his screen, and the client sees everything on the screen of his device. 

It is another important issue from the point of view of closing the sale. Everything is done in one call:

  • we shorten the sales time,
  • save our time and the customer’s time, and
  • minimize the customer’s and our effort that has to be put into the process, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

As you can see, Pocket Branch is all about the benefits!

Safety guarantee

Thanks to the possibility of authorizing transactions by using the biometric verification available on their devices, customers’ effort in the verification process are reduced to a minimum. This allows the advisor to devote the client’s time and attention to other sales-critical issues, such as learning about the products and strengthening the relationship.

The virtual branch also facilitates the onboarding of new customers. Using video chat between the consultant and the customer, identity verification is extremely fast and secure.


Assistance in navigating the available services is virtually instantaneous thanks to the 24/7 online chat capability. More contacts mean more sales opportunities.

Collecting information 

To reach customers with personalized offers and sell effectively, you must first know your customers and strengthen the relationship.

Thanks to Pocket Branch you can do it easily. You may collect information on the customer, his preferred channel of contact with us, or the most frequently asked questions.

You can also call digital processes based on Extentum or jump to other features in your banking app.

Presenting the ads

While waiting for a connection with a consultant, customers can get acquainted with the bank’s offer presented in advertising banners. After clicking on the ad, the information goes to the consultant. So that during the next conversation, he can propose the offer of the product the customer was interested in.

This way of presenting the offer allows the bank to make the best use of the time customers spend waiting for a connection with the advisor and simultaneously provides an opportunity to study consumer preferences and needs. For the sales it is essential.

Reason 3: Building relationships, satisfaction, and a better customer experience

Good relationships and experiences are priceless. The fulfilled expectations, contribute to customers better assessing cooperation with the brand, giving better NPS ratings, and that will see one thing: loyalty.

Loyalty means that the customers want to stay with us. They do not leave, but above all, they recommend us. A satisfied customer will tell his friends, family, and the world about us. It is the cheapest and best kind of marketing (whispered). It allows us not only to maintain existing customers but to attract new ones also. Good relations sell.

How does Pocket Branch help build relationships and experiences?

The advisor has direct contact with the client

Thanks to video connection and eye-to-eye contact, both sides can not only talk but also read non-verbal signals – they largely determine how we perceive the other person. Looking from the customers’ perspective – this determines how he sees his bank. Whether will he trust us and wants to cooperate? Direct contact also gives a sense of comfort. A simple smile opens the door to the best relationships.

It fosters trust and credibility

The possibility of presenting data or sending documents during a conversation makes it possible to receive important information (e.g. offer proposal). Credibility is one of the values that is important when evaluating customer satisfaction. Having audiovisual capabilities makes the advisor more convincing. The client understands the product better. It increases customers’ trust in the bank and determines attachment to the institution. That keeps the customer coming back for more products, which means another sale for the bank.

It responds to customer expectations and needs

The virtual branch is modern and convenient. It fully meets customer expectations in terms of remote access to banking products and services.
With the above capabilities, Pocket Branch allows you to get much closer to the clients. You can get to know their problems and needs better and, prepare tailor-made offers. It is the most significant advantage of a virtual branch and the key to successful sales. 

To sum up

In the changing reality, banks that want to survive in the market should implement future-oriented solutions. To be competitive and increase revenue, they should search for new sales channels that have been less important but now are gaining and will be even more popular.

With the whole arsenal of Pocket Branch advantages mentioned above, your bank can sell better.

Do not hesitate, contact us and talk to sales.

Written by
Anna Sorbet
Anna Sorbet
Head of Marketing at FINANTEQ
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