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Polish banks have one of the best apps in the world


Forrester Research evaluated different banks from more than a dozen different countries across four continents and anounced, that two polish banks are in a cluster of financial institutions that lead in mobile.

Bank Zachodni WBK was ranked globally on 3rd position in 2015 Global Mobile Banking Functionality Benchamark and mBank (already well known to global fintech) appeared on the list 4th.

Another good day for #fintechCEE! Congratulations for both of our customers* in mobile area.

As Forrester Research points out, over last five years mobile banking stopped to be an extension of online banking.  It is completely independent channel now and in some bigger banks, like Citi which is actively preparing for mobile first future, already critical.

BTW critical is a perfect word when it goes to describe what mobile will become to many banks soon. As a purely mobile company we are glad to be a part of this process.

*mBank and Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group) are Finanteq’s clients in area of mobile banking and superwallets.


Artur Małek, Marketing Manager, Finanteq

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